Makers.org.nz is the online hub for those interested in community, new-digital literacy and/or making and learning in New Zealand. This portal is a project delivered by Maker Org NZ, a national community who’ve been supporting makers in NZ for the last 4 years. We believe that New Zealand is brimming with latent talent – tinkerers, makers, crafters, creators who have yet to discover their passion – it is our mission to grow a thriving maker movement in NZ. This site is intended to showcase makers, to share projects people are working on, to help facilitate discussions and collaboration between those making and those looking to make. We want to help build the tools to support that vision of a prosperous NZ fuelled by highly skilled individuals (who are most importantly, having FUN!). We do this through advocacy projects, through the building of significant prototypes or through sponsorship of local initiatives.


Richard Fortune
Founder/Director - MoNZ Wellington Chapter

Founded the Makers Organisation of New Zealand with the aim of developing a broad and thriving Maker community within New Zealand.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the maker movement, setting up a space in your region or becoming affiliated with Makers Org NZ.


Jessica Weichler
Founder/Partner - MoNZ Wellington Chapter

Jess is a multi-media instructor specializing in video editing, stop-motion animation, and video game programming with Scratch.

Over the past five years Jess has taught these skills to children and adults in both formal and informal educational settings. She loves to learn and is always seeking out new mediums to enrich herself and others.

Bridget McKendry
Maker Advocate - MoNZ Christchurch Chapter

One of the founding members of the Fabriko Social Entreprise, Bridget has a long history in making, educating children and herself along the way. Currently the custodian of the Makercrate:CHCH and also working valiantly to bring a Fablab to Christchurch.

Nigel Cartmell
Maker Advocate - MoNZ Auckland Chapter

Coming from an architectural background Nigel has been investing his time in building  up a sustainable maker movement in the Auckland region. Running workshops for younger children and working on collaborative projects with key partners.



We’re constantly working to answer the questions of how to make the maker movement in NZ thrive and developing a strategy to enable others to get onboard and contribute.


One of the goals of MoNZ is to enable others to set up makerspaces. Doing what we can to help the network grow and remain sustainable. Providing support, information and networking opportunities.


At MoNZ we believe that we have to learn from experience. So we use projects(big and small) to inform and guide us. At any time we can have multiple projects, big and small underway.


For the last 4 years MoNZ has been focusing on taking the Maker movement national across NZ. Whether it’s mobile makerspaces,  national Maker Events or gnarly projects, we’re in the thick of it!


We use maker project to learn more about how we can better serve the local maker movement. This ensures that it’s fun for us and relevant for us all!

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